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Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Toll & Contract Mfg.

Lean organisations know how to create leverage through a well devised supply chain and distribution strategy by organising their production around “Global Value Chains”. Trade nowadays is being conducted through such networks not only by multinational organisations seeking to optimise their production & total logistical costs, or to move closer to their client base – but also by SMEs and E-commerce companies who’s ultimate aim is to reach international markets without having to endure the burden of an entire supply chain.

Being strategically located in the EU, right on the main Asia – Europe – US shipping routes and complemented with very short transit times to any airport across the globe, we can support you by acting as a toll or contract manufacturing, warehousing and distribution hub with reach to and from the EU. Together we can find solutions to sufficiently transform your product if not in line with rules of origin and thus benefit from the single market and its multilateral trade agreements, or process your goods for extra-community reexport under the appropriate suspension regimes.


We Bring You Valuable Experience


Be it outward processing, 3PL or 5PL you are after we are able to consolidate our production capacity with our supply chain expertise. By cooperating with local partners and leveraging on our industry’s diverse capabilities we shall oversee every single supply chain element of your product – from sourcing of material and sub-components, to production of plastic parts, assembly and inspection, up till distribution. Thus, generating true lean value creation.

With years of specialised experience in the field we can seamlessly integrate with your existent supply chain network and alleviate part of the logistical burden, along with the generally associated hidden costs.

Thanks to our inhouse capabilities we can help you streamline your business model, improve your JIT, reduce your operational costs and optimise your company’s trade positioning.

Our Capabilities

  • Raw Material & Component Sourcing
  • Inventory Management
  • Toll & Contract Manufacturing
  • Assembly, Printing & Labelling
  • Inspection & Packaging
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Logistics & Customs Administration
  • Customs & Trade Compliance

Why Choose Malta


Strategic Geographical Location


Highly-Qualified, Diverse & Productive Workforce


Language Proficiency


Extensive Transport Network & Close Port Proximities


Robust Customs System & Efficient Clearance into the EU


Favorable Business Environment


Stable Economic, Industrial & Political Climate

We can ensure that all logistical aspects are taken care of  

Procedures for processing of goods, processing in Free Zones, drawback, import and export licenses, anti-dumping, UCP-600, hatching & service agreements, optimal inventory level formulas, port storages, detention & demurrage control.

All this can be overwhelming! However, it does not have to be, as we have years of experience and expertise in the logistics and supply chain.

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